LastPass' Supported Authenticators

Protect your sensitive data by connecting your LastPass account with a supported authenticator. Go passwordless with the LastPass Authenticator.


Keep your accounts for your eyes only

Your LastPass account – which can protect credit cards, employee logins, work apps, personal data and more – deserves more protection than just a password.

Authenticator apps increase the security of your LastPass account by adding another layer of protection via multifactor authentication (MFA). 

Once connected to your LastPass vault, an authenticator app will enable a smartphone verification of your choice: six-digit one-time passcodes (OTP) or a push notification that leverages biometric factors – phone code, face ID, or a fingerprint scan.

Step up your security and simplify access by going passwordless with LastPass Authenticator.

Discover supported authenticators

No one authenticator is the same. Whether your employees need to access their LastPass vault, Microsoft Office, or any other essential work apps, the following authenticators can get the job done.

LastPass Authenticator app

The LastPass Authenticator app is leading the way in password management by removing password barriers for all users. It provides users and businesses with a simple, password-free login experience. Just input your master password once, authenticate your device, and enjoy passwordless logins to your vault from there on out.

  • Passwordless logins to your LastPass vault
  • Available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices
  • Supports account recovery by storing backups in your LastPass vault

Go Passwordless with the Authenticator App

Microsoft Authenticator

Businesses that use Microsoft Office may prefer to use the Microsoft Authenticator app. But the app is available to anyone looking to engage two-factor authentication on a site that supports it.

  • Available for Android and iOS, as well as Apple Watch
  • Authenticate with push notifications, time-based OTPs, and biometric factors
  • Supports account recovery in the Authenticator app

Add Microsoft Authenticator To Your Vault

Google Authenticator

The Google Authenticator app is a simple authenticator with no frills that works with most apps and sites, but does not include account recovery options.

  • Most every website and app support the Google Authenticator
  • Less advanced security features than LastPass and Microsoft
  • Does not support account recovery

Add Google Authenticator To Your Vault

Duo Security

A business-targeted authentication solution that includes multi-user deployment and provisioning control. While it’s not as configurable as the other authenticators, it simply syncs to your LastPass vault.

  • Designed for coproate apps, especially LastPass Bussiness users
  • Supports multi-user deployment and provisioning for added admin control
  • Can back up accounts using Google Drive for Android and iCloud Keychain on iPhone

Add Duo Security To Your Vault

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