Secure Notes

Securely upload and encrypt every new note you create, whether it's a copy of your passport, vaccination card, or any other personal information.


Secure data doesn't belong in your notes app

How secure are the notes in your iPhone or Android notes app? Not very. Even if you try to secure your notes, sensitive information will remain visible as unencrypted content. This is a hacker's dream, as your "secure" information is vulnerable to a data breach. There must be a safer way to store your personal info, while making it easily accessible, right?

LastPass is more than a password manager. It can also be your personal, secure notes app.

Secure Notes lets users store, organize, and instantly access sensitive information within their encrypted LastPass password vault. You can store, protect, and manage personal information like:

  • Copies of your health insurance card
  • A backup of your passport and driver's license
  • Your vaccination card
  • Security questions created for two-factor authentication logins
  • Past tax documents
  • Credit cards
  • Addresses

Stop data breaches in their tracks

Don't share notes by Gmail, Dropbox, or iCloud any longer. Data breaches can still happen through these apps, as your personal data isn't truly locked away from hackers. Your note-taking app may be convenient, but your sensitive information deserves a more secure solution.

LastPass Secure Notes is your personal Fort Knox notes app. Just like your Password Vault, Secure Notes is encrypted at the device-level, meaning personal data – Wi-Fi passcode, credit card info, password hints, and more – is protected from anyone who isn't you.

Here's how LastPass protects your notes:

Zero-knowledge security model

We encrypt sensitive info at the device level, prior to syncing to LastPass, so only users can decrypt their data. Even a LastPass representative couldn't access it if they tried.

An impenetrable encryption method

We use 256-bit AES encryption – the same type utilized by banks and the military – to lock down our devices by enforcing end-point encryption.

Your master password is private

LastPass doesn't store your master password, so only you know it. If LastPass can't access your data, neither can hackers.

Protect your digital life

Your life online is complicated, with so many accounts, usernames, passwords, and notes to manage and protect. That's why LastPass offers a suite of secure features to protect your data online.

Personal Password Vault

Store and manage all your credentials from your encrypted password vault. And simply autofill them – whenever you need to sign in again – with just one click.

Dark Web Monitoring

Receive immediate alerts if your info is ever compromised online and act immediately.

Shared Folders

Stop sharing your passwords and Wi-Fi login by text message. Instead, safely share credentials and secure notes with other LastPass users – family, friends, roommates – you trust.

Multifactor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security to your accounts by requiring a second layer of authentication, such as a push-based notification or a one-time SMS code.


With us, your sensitive notes are organized, encrypted, and easily accessible

Ditch your phone's notes app for something more secure. LastPass Secure Notes safely stores all of your sensitive information, while keeping it for your eyes only.