Shared Folders

You need to share files and passwords with your business team, partners, friends, roommates, classmates, and family. Do it safely, without adding complexity.


Stop sharing your passwords via messengers

File sharing is a common thing nowadays. Friends, roommates, family member and business organizations need to share their Wi-Fi logins, streaming passwords, app credentials and more. While it's convenient to use group text messages, Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive shared folders, these methods leave your sensitive information vulnerable to data breaches.

The issue is encryption. While they're convenient to use, your shared files aren't protected. Even if you're picky about who has access to shared passwords, notes, and information, a hacker could steal your data when using these services.


Share your passwords securely with LastPass

LastPass Shared Folders change all that. Any password, secure note, or file you share is secure – encrypted at the user's device through 256-bit AES encryption. But we go beyond security; we also make sure it's as easy as ever to share information with whoever needs it.

Shared Folders provides a simple way to share only the exact passwords, notes, and files you want to share with the right people. You can also manage access and sharing settings: hide passwords from specific people, set folder access permissions to read-only, and more.


Your life, organized and simplified

Rather than sharing passwords and secure notes one at a time, Families users can securely share multiple items with family, friends, and other LastPass users in shared folders. The owner of the folder can manage sharing options to determine who receives access, and how much access they get – to the entire folder or specific subfolders and passwords. The folder sharing admin can also choose whether users can access folders at all times or during a certain time window.

Share folders without worrying about security


Always encrypted

We don't see your passwords, only who you share them with, thanks to our zero-knowledge security system.


Easily control access

Add or remove people as needed, and hide specific passwords from those who shouldn't see them.


Provide temporary access

Hosting family or friends? Temporarily grant access to Wi-Fi, Google Home, and more.


Give LastPass to whoever you call family

Practicing better password behavior at home and work is easier when your whole family is in on it. Businesses can extend premium password management to their employees and up to five family members through LastPass Families for employees.

Easy to set up and always encrypted, LastPass Families makes it easy to practice safe file sharing. Store your passwords, usernames, and secure notes in your vault, and share them with fellow Families users with shared folders.

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