Personal password sharing

Sharing passwords with others should be both convenient and secure. LastPass makes sure it is.


Share logins in no time at all

Sharing a household with others – your family, friends, roommates – involves more than sharing a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. It also means having shared passwords. Credentials you share with family members and friends include sites for:

  • Streaming services – HBO, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Paramount Plus, and Netflix
  • File storage
  • Mortgage or rent payments
  • Shared bank accounts
  • Credit card accounts and budgeting
  • Utility payments – heat, electricity, water

The last year of the pandemic has made this more apparent, with family members and friends having more free time – and spending it primarily online. Suddenly your family's group text was blowing up, with someone asking “What's the Netflix password?” once a week. On top of that, you've seen new Netflix users – who you don't know – pop up on your account, meaning someone is potentially sharing passwords with friends and classmates outside of the house. It could even be a sign you have a data breach.


It's time for a crackdown: stop putting your security at risk by sharing passwords by text message; stop giving full access to any of your credentials, letting anyone and everyone use your streaming services.

Take back control of who can use your Family subscription services and access your sensitive information with LastPass personal password sharing.

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Share passwords in three ways

The LastPass password manager hands you complete control of your own account and all your credentials, while encrypting every password you save. You can also decide what secure passwords you want to share with other LastPass users.


One to one

Securely share passwords with an individual user you trust, like a classmate or friend.

Safely Share Your Passwords


Password sharing between yourself and multiple people, like roommates or friends vacationing together.

Available with LastPass Premium

Shared folders

Bundle passwords for shared accounts into folders for safe, easy access – such as streaming services credentials with family members.

Available with LastPass Families

Protected password sharing for your family and friends

LastPass Families makes it easy for Families account admins to manage password sharing and access. Whether you want to simplify or crackdown on sharing, LastPass allows you to do both at the same time.

As the account admin, you're given the power to protect fellow LastPass users and their sensitive information. For instance, you can take control of who has access to your household's streaming services, protect your children's digital life online, or promote password hygiene among your non-traditional family – roommates, dormmates, close friends, and more.

Personal Password Sharing allows you to:


Have full control over what and when to share

Give and revoke password access at any time. Control the shared assets in your LastPass Sharing Center.


Share without sharing any sensitive data

Choose who is given access to passwords but can't see the actual password itself.


Group shared assets by folders

Create shared folders, as a Families admin, to easily share passwords with family and friends, as needed.

Most of all, LastPass makes it so you don't have to constantly monitor your passwords. You can set hard-line rules which allow, limit, and refuse password sharing, as you see fit. Once those restrictions are set, you can rest easy, knowing your passwords and personal information is protected.


Sharing made simple and safe

Don't risk your security for ease of use when sharing passwords with others. Get the best of both worlds with LastPass Shared Folders.