Automatic device sync

Save a password to your LastPass vault once and it syncs to all your devices – available whenever and wherever you need it.


Access your passwords from anywhere

70% of people reported spending more time online for personal entertainment and work in 2020. More time online means more digital accounts. In turn, people have more passwords to manage than ever before.

For those of us on-the-go, we struggle to remember complicated passwords. So, you have a notebook with written passwords sitting by your desktop, a sticky note – with essential passwords – inside your laptop, and Uber and banking passwords saved to your iPhone's notes app.

While the above methods make it easy to take your passwords anywhere, they're major security risks.

You shouldn't rely on unsecured Wi-Fi networks, Gmail, iCloud, or Drobox to share your passwords and secure notes. With LastPass Premium, you don't have to.

With automatic device sync, items saved to your Password Vault are automatically synced across all your LastPass-connected devices. Best of all, LastPass Premium are able to instantly access their passwords and secure notes across any of their devices, wherever they save them first, such as:

  • iOS devices – iPad, iPhone, Apple MacBook
  • Android devices
  • Windows OS computers, laptops, and tablets


Sync devices and connect your life

As we spend more time on our devices, it's important to sync every aspect of our lives – work, school, and play. Syncing devices is the first step toward taking your digital life wherever you go.

With LastPass Premium and its automatic device sync, users can sync their password vault with unlimited devices across device types from desktops to smartphones to tablets. A LastPass subscriber can do all the following thanks to automatic device sync and unlimited device-type access:

  • Submit and save a password while logging in to a streaming service on their Apple MacBook.
  • Access and share that password with a friend while on their iPhone.
  • Log in to that same streaming service, while on their iPad, before getting on a flight.
  • Access and manage their streaming service passwords from their desktop while at work.

Unlimited, automatic device sync ensures your digital life remains accessible to you, wherever you are.

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Take your passwords with you

Don’t rely on a password notebook or your phone’s notes app ever again. With automatic device sync, your passwords go wherever you are.